On this page you can find some videos that I shot in Malawi during the construction of the wells.
These in particular were filmed in June 2017.


A thing like that (that is, the well), it costs a lot of money, and we in this village could never have afforded it.
So I, with all the people of the village, will keep the well, being careful that no one spites you.
I want to thank Agostino and Matteo, because they came here and gave us what we needed most, the well, because water is life!
Thank you, because you have given us hope !!!

Buying water, telling a boy to go and get water, and paying it in money or peanuts, it was very hard for me, because I had no money!
God bless you! All our village leaders thank you for doing such a beautiful thing. We pray for you! God bless everyone !!!