I introduce myself

Matteo, I was born in Padua but living in Milan.

In 2014 I finally found the courage and decided to make the ” journey of life ” long thought and dreamed.

A whole month in Africa , the real one. Alone, backpacking, no certainty, far from any comfort and with two objectives in mind: to know the local reality and try to give a small hand right there. Many would call it volunteering. But I can’t give it a name.
For me it was the only possible way to see with your own eyes , without the filter of the media, what happens in places very far and very different from us.
It is the only possible way to see by yourself that an help, however small, is worth.
Destiny wanted the globe to stop on Malawi , the country always at the bottom places in the ranking per capita GDP to the world.
An exciting, engaging, humanly and personally difficult journey that remains imprinted in my memories .

Upon returning from that trip, ” Il Pozzo Dei Desideri ” was born. It was born suddenly, without thinking about it, in a natural way as a small response to many injustices seen.

There were many fears before that trip, not least that of the diseases I could have taken.
And eventually, I got sick .

Mal d’Africa never left me.

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