How to contribute

In order to keep faith with the spirit of the project to allocate from the first to the last euro raised entirely to the construction of the wells, I rely on fundraising on two platforms that do not withhold any commission for the service offered.
Your only effort is to use a wire transfer or credit card as a form of payment. Other definitely convenient payment methods (eg Paypal), withhold commissions.
The first platform is, here you can donate the amount you want. At the time of the donation you will receive an email indicating an IBAN to make the transfer of the promised sum.
The second platform is From this site it is possible to donate only and only 1 euro each month. The site was born with the idea that many people put together with a minimum sacrifice (precisely one euro per month) can achieve great results. At the time of donation, you can leave your credit card or your IBAN and one euro will be withdrawn every month for Il Pozzo dei Desideri, until one wishes to cancel the donation.

From October 2019, Il Pozzo dei Desideri began to collaborate with Piantando, a startup born this year from an idea by Andrea and Chiara. We met through the net and the idea of their startup is to sell seedlings and thanks to these, finance projects of environmental or social impact. Each plant purchased corresponds to a unique and certified donation. They decided to help Il Pozzo dei Desideri and I thank them so much.
Click hereto get to know them and to understand what they want to do.
Another possibility, at no cost, is to use the Rapusia search engine. Do searches with Google while helping the project. At this link all the information.
Finally, there is one last faster mode, if you own Satispay.
Open the app, frame the QR code below, enter the amount you want to donate and in the comment write “Il Pozzo dei Desideri” and you’ve done!