After the first 6 years during which the project was born and grew, in September 2020 we decided to set up a non-profit association, a Ente del Terzo Settore to carry out our activities.

On 22 September 2020, the Volunteer Organization IL POZZO DEI DESIDERI ODV was born.

The principles and values ​​that inspire the Association are the same that led to the birth of the project.

The main reasons that led us to found this Association are linked to the possibility of seizing new opportunities for collaboration with other realities, in Italy or in Malawi, and at the same time allowing those who want to help us to benefit from all the tax breaks that the Italian State grants to those who make donations to charities.

Il Pozzo dei Desideri ODV is in fact registered on 15/3/2021 pursuant to the L.R. 1/08 and of the D.G.R. n ° 4331 of 26/10/2012 to n ° MI – 974 of the Provincial Section of Milan of the Registro Generale Regionale del Volontariato.

The Volunteer Organization has also assumed the qualification of O.N.L.U.S. as required by Legislative Decree 460/97, art. 10 paragraph 8.

The Board of Directors of the ODV is composed as follows:

  • Matteo Ferrari – President and legal representative
  • Alessandro Fogo – Adviser
  • Michela Giacomini – Adviser
  • Riccardo Gobbis – Adviser
  • Mario Maglie – Adviser
  • Francesco Peruzzi – Adviser
  • Davide Eugenio Toscano – Adviser

Statuto Il Pozzo dei Desideri ODV