20th July 2020

We got a taste for it! Of course, following the works from Italy is not like being there in Malawi, but sooner or later the borders will reopen, traveling will be safer and going back to dig the wells live will be possible. In the meantime we have decided to build another well, we cannot wait for the vaccine!
We have already located the village, it is called Nthakiwa, in the Balaka district. About 80 families who today have to travel more than a kilometer to reach the nearest well. It is our next goal! We still do not have the exact timing, we are waiting for confirmation of the availability of the drill and all that is needed. But it is a matter of a few days and then we can have a timetable!
In the photo you can see the village.
Where is it? Precisely here: https://goo.gl/maps/Bqr4rQNRSd3RLtyQA

And this well more than building it, we … we will plant it!

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