17th July 2020

We let the concrete sit and dry for 3 days under the hot Malawian sun.
This morning everything was ready to finish the works on the 24th well of the Well of Wishes!
The pipes, rods, pump and the outside of the well had to be assembled. The final work that allows the well to function. It’s a simple job, but you have to know how to do it. And my friend Matolo is unsurpassed in this.
From today, 1,000 more people will be able to drink and wash themselves with clean water, avoiding diseases that are unthinkable for us here today.
And already the row of buckets has formed to get water, as you can see from the photos.
Thanks to everyone who contributed to the construction of this well and in particular to those who came to the portrait session at the San Donato Milanese Photographic Circle last October. This well is dedicated to Lorenzo Sirtoli, who passed away just one year ago. A member of the club.
Thanks to all, mission accomplished. Can’t wait to go to Malawi to see it in person.
Long live the Wishing Well!

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