6th July 2020

Thirst cannot wait for the vaccine.

Well yes, WE DON’T STOP! Despite the COVID, even this year at least one well WE DO IT! Over the past few days, Agostino and I have spoken very often and in the end we decided to make another well for the project. With all the necessary precautions. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to be in Malawi with Agostino, Douchet and the whole gang of wells… I will miss not seeing the water coming out. But the important thing is to make another well. We have already identified the village. His name is Maliwata. Not far from Kwa Liwonde, in the Balaka district. Near Maliwata there are another couple of villages around, so the pool of people who will use it is made up of about 85 families. Just under 1,000 people to whom we will change their lives by donating water, cleanliness and health.

Do you want to see where it is? Here it is at this link:


In the photo the place where we will make the well, along the road that connects the villages, near a tree.


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