14th June 2019

Another village has joined the list! Kapasule II, 50 families and about 450 people today celebrated the arrival of the water that had been waiting all day yesterday.
The auger was repaired at night and early this morning at 5 o’clock he was already there doing his job which he successfully concluded at 9 o’clock! And there are 4 this year.
But the celebrations do not last long because then we rush back to Amonisute.
After yesterday’s failed attempt to fix the disused well , we put Plan B into play: a new well.
We know it will be difficult because we have already made 3 unsuccessful attempts in the past years and leaving the women crying was not easy.
Today we try again. We move a little from the places of the previous attempts and start.
But … immediately rock! Damn. Powder. We dig for hours. 40 meters, 50, 60. They tell me enough. “Come on, let’s try a little more.” 70. Enough. “Give the last 3 pipes and that’s it.” We arrive at 82 meters. And nothing. But the team suddenly becomes confident and says, “Let’s stop for an hour. We eat and wait for the water to pass. ” I look at them wit some doubts in mind but I know from experience that they often catch us. We take this opportunity to take a nap. Me in the jeep and Ago sprawled on the ground. Then they come to call us to start again and … they were right! A little water comes out, but it’s just an illusion! At that depth it is not enough for a manual well. We have to give up and for the umpteenth time we leave that village disconsolate. I guess we won’t be back.
Coming home I found a nice surprise. In fact, we have to go to the village where tomorrow we will dig a well to bring the equipment and along the way we pass through a village where we built a well last year. The surprise was that right next to it, people were able, thanks to the proximity of the water, to build a beautiful cultivated vegetable garden! These are satisfactions. Yes, because in addition to bringing drinks, Il Pozzo dei Desideri indirectly also brings food. Without that well, it wouldn’t have been possible to even think of it. It was a very pleasant return home trip thinking about how many benefits all these holes are doing. I will never know many, but who cares.
Goodnight Malawi.

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