19th April 2020

Dear friends of the Wishing Well,

In this very difficult and uncertain period for everyone, I decided to not promote the crowdfunding campaign for the project.

Today more than ever, we must probably help our neighbor or hospital.

But this does not mean that all the difficulties that Il Pozzo dei Desideri wants to eliminate, remain.

Just think of how many times they are telling us to wash our hands to prevent the transmission of the virus. But, how could we do it without water, as it happens in Malawi?

For this reason, as soon as the situation permits, it is to build new wells.

So I found an alternative way to actually help the project at no cost!

You can do it with a daily action you perform hundreads of time everyday: a Google search.

In fact, I entered into an agreement with  Rapusia , a search engine that allocates its proceeds to social projects.

The search results are the Google one (it relies on its services, paying them) but respects privacy and helps social projects!

For every research done, a very small amount is given to the project. So many people are needed to have some tangible results.

An average user can have the project collect € 15-20 per year with normal use of a search engine.

So how do you do it? Three small actions to do once and then it’s all automatic.

  1. Download the Rapusia plug-in for Chrome and put it as your favorite search engine
  2. Download the Rapusia app for Android, from the Play Store
  3. Select Il Pozzo dei Desideri as the project to which the proceeds of your research will be allocated. Only the first time, then the app and plug-in remember it. In the four images attached you will find the 4 simple steps to perform.

We are working on the Firefox plug-in and the iOS app is being approved by Apple.

And then always use  Rapusia.org  for your research. I repeat, same results of Google but helping the project.

If you can, a small gesture that costs you nothing but potentially great help for the project.

Do you want to try it? Click here  https://rapusia.org/?prjx=3

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