21st June 2019

When it is time to celebrate, no one backs down. Today there were six wells to be inaugurated and everyone had their right time and so also the last day was spent with songs, dances, showers, official speeches and many gifts! A party after another with the village leaders in suits, the women ready to empty their small supply of food to give us and the children, as always, who bring that contagious joy made of few words and lots of spontaneity.
Even the wells were dressed up with a lot of ribbon cutting to give the official start to their lives.
What can I say … this year is over and it went well. But so good that I could not imagine so beautiful.
6 wells built, more than 2,600 people who can now drink clean water without risking taking serious illnesses, even fatal.
Any other issues this year? Gifts! 2 goats, 5 hens, tens of kg of wood, a hundred kg of wheat, unlimited tomatoes, peanuts in every space of the jeep, 1,237,534 holes taken while driving and at least twice as much laughter at the villages.
These two weeks are only the last two, the most beautiful, of a year of evenings, meetings, new friends and many people who have trusted me by giving me who one euro and who much more to build these beautiful wells.
Impossible to name them all. But everyone knows that I’m thinking about it right now.
I take a couple of days for the endless return journey and from Monday we start thinking about the 2020 Wishing Well!
We have arrived at 23 wells built and more than 12,000 people who can use them. Say thank you is a little thing but that’s all I can do.
Also because the unbearable and beautiful melancholy that will be a faithful companion throughout the year, up to the next trip, is now rising …
Zikomo Malawi, never disappoint.

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