19th June 2019

It is impossible to take a shower in the village unless … Il Pozzo dei Desideri arrives! It is now a tradition. Every time we finish building a well, the Mfumu (village chief) must suffer the joke in front of all its people laughing out loud. And at the inauguration party he will do it again! Today was the day of building 4 wells. After digging the hole and making the concrete base in the past few days, it’s time to put the rods and the pump that will finally make the well work. It is a simple job but it takes a couple of hours. Considering that between one village and another it takes at least half an hour by jeep to make the night early. And in fact, although we left early, we ended up after sunset helped by the light of the car’s headlights.
Today Agostino rightly rests a bit, so Douchet and I together with Matolo begin the well marathon. It is an important moment for the whole village because after our work the buckets will finally be able to fill up just a few steps from home. Nice and significant that in a village the first person who filled the bucket was an elderly woman in a wheelchair.
In another village the women took me to see what they will save with the new well. 1 km of road plus a very steep descent (and then subsequent ascent with the bucket in the head) to reach a small river also used for other needs … The well will change his life.
And in the blink of an eye the day has passed and the return home takes place in complete darkness. Tomorrow rest day and then go on Friday to finish the last well and have all the inauguration parties in every village … they are already waiting for us!
Thanks Malawi.

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