18th June 2019

If three is the perfect number, six can only be double the perfection! It took two days of work, 12,000 liters of water, 2 welds, tens of kilos of mud and a hundred kilometers in a jeep, but at the end we won it! This year’s sixth well was also excavated and we found a lot of water. To our delight but especially to the people of the village who had probably lost hope after seeing us tinker for two days .
It has certainly been the most difficult well since this project started.
Fortunately, there were children who let us pass the time otherwise it would have been two infinite days. Some have tried to make “Il Pozzo dei Desideri” sentence with rather questionable results. “I can deiri” “Po diiiri” “Possu de desdiri”. But towards the end of the day these phrases were heard repeated around the village by several children who ended the sentence with the inevitable laughter.
During the day we had time to go and see the result of yesterday’s base which in our intentions wanted to be shaped like Africa. I leave it to you to judge the result from the photo …
Now the road is all downhill. We miss the basement today and complete the wells of the past few days. But it is routine work that will allow us to breathe a little after these days of intense work.
Thanks Malawi, YOU are wonderful!

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