17th June 2019

A new week has started but I only noticed this tonight looking at the calendar. When I am here there are no days marked by habits, it is all a succession of days that have no cardinal points to follow. And it’s so beautiful. Early in the morning we return to Mitochi with the cement for the base of the well dug yesterday. Just yesterday while we were eating under a mango in the village we had the idea of giving a different shape to the wells we build. “Why don’t we make the shape of Africa? “. Today is the first prototype which we will gradually perfect with the next wells. Trowel in hand we draw the outline of Africa on the land of Africa. “No too triangular. No, the horn is missing. No more round to the left … “. Then let’s try with the bricks. Finally, with concrete we draw the perimeter of the continent. Before leaving the bricklayers with the arduous task of realizing our idea, I draw an unlikely Africa on a piece of paper which will serve as their technical base design. We salute them because the next excavation awaits us. In the next few days we will see the result of these artists. They will always have the excuse that the designer was wrong.
We return to Konkwe. Today’s was the most difficult well to dig. We knew it and so it was.
There is a particular technique to use when land callapses. You need so much water to shoot underground. In the end with four trips we brought 8,000 liters of water. A long procedure that took us all day. But still not enough. And sunset marks the end of the works for today. Tomorrow second half, hoping for a happy ending.
The return home I pass on the jeep body to enjoy the lights, shadows and smells of this country so difficult to understand.

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