16th June 2019

And even on the seventh day Il Pozzo dei Desideri did not rest. The night wind blew away yesterday’s clouds and today the sun shone again, raising yesterday’s unbearable temperature. A Sunday that begins by preparing everything you need for a new well in Balaka. Today’s target is the village of Mitochi, about fifty families and about 450 people. It’s Sunday so I tell Douchet to rest, today it’s my turn to be a driver. He will only have to tell me which of the thousand dirty roads to take, I would get lost after 3 meters. Once you leave the main street, the roads leading to the villages are inextricable and tortuous labyrinths. The jeep is essential, as well as good shock absorbers. I look at the speedometer and the speed oscillates between 20 and 30 km / h. However we arrive and we start immediately. While the work continues, we set up a “professional” photographic set to take a picture of the people of the village who, oddly enough, get in line to see themselves in the display of the machine. Each time is a sensational laugh. Time passes and we find rock. We continue slowly so the village chief invites us to his house to eat a delicious dish of rice cooked at the moment. There is no time to digest and here is the water! It is the fifth well of this year !!!Women are very happy. Their songs and dances continue until they accompany us to the jeep to go home.
Tomorrow I will return to the village of Konkwe to try to find the water that we did not find last Sunday. With the procedure that we will use, it will be an excavation that can last even two days but now we have everything we need: the tank, the fixed machine, the fixative for the earth and a great desire for water. It should be enough.
Thanks Malawi, it was a beautiful working Sunday.

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