15th June 2019

Winter has broken out! Of all the days spent so far in Malawi (and I am certainly more than 100 if I add them up) this is by far the coldest day I have experienced. All day with the sweatshirt on and hood down. Not a ray of sunshine, strong wind and even a light drizzle in the middle of the day. A truly unusual day for me that I always have protection 50 in my backpack! In spite of the cold, you cannot stop anyway and the 6 o’clock alarm is there to remind me. Today we split because there are so many things to do. Mia (the bricklayer) goes to Kapasule II for the concrete base of the well dug yesterday while Agostino with the team goes to another village to dig a well that was financed by a family from Italy. Me, Douchet and Matolo go to lay the pipes and pumps in three of the wells built in recent days. With this last piece of work the well is finally working and immediately the people of the village start using it. And a row of buckets are ready to be filled. Because of the freezing day I didn’t feel like inaugurating it with the classic shower at the village head … but there will be time … there is still the inauguration party 🙂
Before reaching Agostino we visit a village that had let us know we wanted a well. As usual we did our preventive tour to check if it was really necessary (yesterday we said no to one because they had a well 300 meters away). In this case the conditions were there and therefore it will be done.
We reach Agostino just in time. In fact, they are finally finding water after almost 5 hours of excavation. And this well is also gone. Another happy village. In particular, a very old woman who, both yesterday when we had gone to check, and today, I have always seen her on her knees to thank us. Moving.
Unfortunately it was almost 4 pm and there was no time to make the other well planned for today. We will think about it tomorrow.
Difficult, however, to go to bed without feeling the strong wind that pulls out and the cold that does. I’ll have a blanket tonight. This will not be the case for most of the hundreds of people I have seen in villages these days. It will not be an easy night in their huts. There is nothing we can do, perhaps, but it is not fair.
Goodnight Malawi, tomorrow turn on the sun for everyone please.

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