13rd June 2018

The longest day.
Today I have thoroughly tasted all the stereotypes that can be imagined about African slowness. What then for some reason these stereotypes will also have a foundation!
Wake up at dawn, at 6:30 am standing. 60km of cars were waiting for us to get to Nsanama where bets were accepted if the guy I spoke to on the phone yesterday would show up or not. At 8:30 we were there, ready for excavation. Was he there? Obviously not. I call him .
-Where are you?
-In Blantyre
-Well, why aren’t you here?
-I’m buying pipes
-But you know it takes at least 3 hours from Blantyre to here?


The morning was gone, so we took the opportunity to take a tour of the market and to see a village. And there is nothing to do, the village is the true soul of Malawi.
Around 11 I call him back to see where he is. He doesn’t answer. And so until one. At one he replies.
-Where are you?
-On the road, I arrived
-Well, see you at the village!
At two o’clock he still hadn’t arrived. I’ll call him back
-Where are you?
-I broke the truck, I’m renting one
At three o’clock the pickup truck arrives (rented) but there is no car with the auger! Where is it?!?!
He tells me he has to go back to the main road to get it because he has to run out the diesel. Oh my God!!!
At four still not seen.
I’ll call him back.
-Where are you?
-At the service station
-Yes, but for an hour. Why do not you come?
-The pump at the service station broke
– …
Moral of the story arrived at half past five when the sun was setting by now. And my patience was already gone to sleep after only 9 hours of waiting!
Today I realized that I still need a few trips to Malawi to understand this.
Obviously it came to an end as if nothing had happened, just with a “sorry” and the work began. This is also Malawi.
A day from the Desert of the Tartars, waiting for something to happen and nothing happened.
Since Italy and Malawi did not qualify for the football world cup, we deceived the wait to make our world cup. Me against all children. Useless to say, they won.
However, in the end, under the darkness, the excavations began and ended with a lot of water found around 30 meters! This is the real goal of the day! Good night Malawi, today was really tough.

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