Water is life.

Help me to help them.

Il Pozzo Dei Desideri was born with an objective as ambitious as it is simple: to do something concrete, useful and lasting for the people who live in the villages of Malawi .
In a country like Malawi, the needs are many and most of them would require a structured and organized commitment to ensure that initial efforts to solve a problem can produce long-term benefits .

Is it more important to give fish or to teach fishing?
Not having the tools and the means to give endless fish, I tried to teach fishing and my choice felt on the construction of bareholes to extract one of the primary goods: water .
A gift that, if maintained, can last tens of years .

Since 2015, we have built 27 bareholes that allow more than 16,000 people to drink clean water every day .
The project was born and continues to live thanks exclusively to fundraising among friends and acquaintances, through word of mouth and through the social network.
I personally take care of the fundraising and every year I go to Malawi to build the wells.

For every barehole we build, we also take care of routine and extraordinary maintenance to ensure that the initial effort lasts over time.

Every single euro collected is used for construction; all travel, food and lodging expenses are my responsibility .

Matteo Ferrari

Libro fotografico -Il Pozzo dei Desideri-

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